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Cerebrofort Marinequarium

Let's Collect Pet Fish in Cerebrofort Marinequarium!


Cerebrofort is a kids supplement produced by Kalbe, that contains multivitamins to maintain their health. They have just launched their new product variant a multivitamin gummy that  contains fish oil as ingredients. Our client wants to introduce this product through a different way, using a game that indirectly provides information about the product inside.


After designing some concepts, our team finally came up with a game called Cerebrofort Marinequarium. It’s a game where kids can maintain their pet fish by feeding and interacting with them. Players can evolve their fish and play minigames as well in order to gain money and buy various items like fish food and aquarium accessories. They can also collect various fishes by purchasing Cerebrofort Marine Gummy products and scanning the QR code inside the packaging to get a new fish.



Our client wanted to create an interactive media to introduce their product details such as flavor variants, gummies quantity in one pack, product characters, etc. Our team then assessed the information and converted it using fun gamification systems; such as converting gummies to currency, using the character on the packaging as a mascot in the game, and many more. Of course, we did in-depth research about what kind of game mechanics will suit this project’s target and goals.


After the game was launched, our client was satisfied with the end result and decided to continue this campaign as offline events. We also got lots of positive feedback from the players, and many of them managed to finish their fish collection.

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