Mitra Keluarga

Company Profile Website for Mitra Keluarga Hospital

Mitra Keluarga is a hospital chain that has multiple branches all over Indonesia. They wanted to create a user-friendly hospital website for patients in Java—especially Jakarta and East Java—so that they can access it easily. The client considered that the appointment feature is essential  and it’s something they needed for the website.


We then assisted them in developing RS Mitra Keluarga’s profile (vision & mission), profiles and list of services from every branch, promotions, news & events, patients testimony, and health articles. Since Mitra Keluarga has more than 10 branches, this website also benefits them on scheduling and doctor appointments.


The development process was smooth and iterative. We built great communication with both the client and the team, so this website was able to be delivered in time. We faced challenges during the manual data input process, yet we worked on it gradually, and we managed to input all the data in time. 



Unexpectedly, since 2017 this website has gained millions of users.

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