Convenience in COVID-19 Testing

Intibios provides COVID-19 testing services that complies with international standards in order to help manage the pandemic in Indonesia.



At first, Intibios didn’t have a system for online booking yet, so we discussed together in regards to their needs, and we helped to find the best solution for them. Through the research process, we compared our solution to the existing market and examined whether or not it is still relevant with our purpose. As our final solution,  we created a web app that can be accessed through desktop or mobile which makes it easier for users to book a COVID-19 test.



The development process for Intibios was relatively quick. However, even though it was smooth, there were several challenges that our team encountered along the process. For example, as the systems are integrated with third party vendor's system, we have to keep up with every change and adjust the system properly. Our team kept a close communication with the vendor to ensure everything went well and the system was delivered as expected.


Intibios provides two types of COVID-19 testing: Walk-in Testing and Home Service. Users can choose to come to the lab, or get tested in the comfort of their own home.

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