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Pregnancy Companion for Mom

Hallobumil is the first pregnancy and parenting companion application in Indonesia that accompanies Mom to go through the pregnancy preparation period up until Mom is pregnant and has the labor.


Hallobumil is divided into three phases, namely the preparation phase for pregnancy, pregnancy phase, and child development. All of these phases have different features which are adjusted together with all the licensed doctor teams.


Hallobumil provides information in a unique style. Every morning, Mama will be greeted as if she had conversations with the baby. Hallobumil was designed using a Chat Intelligence which makes it different from other pregnancy apps. 



RGB was entrusted by Kalbe to conduct the development process. In the beginning of development, the name of the application was Momici and was designed just to track the pregnancy process. However, after several analyses, the traction was comparatively unfavorable. 


The team then conducted several research directly to women in their pregnancy time, and our research showed that most Mama can not wait to meet with their little angel. After a long process of researching, brainstorming, and designing the best apps, we then decided to develop the chat intelligence where the information is given as if the baby is talking directly to Mama.



In 2020, Hallobumil was awarded as Best Original Content in Mobex Singapore.