Morinaga Platinum

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Morinaga is a brand of milk products from Japan under Kalbe Nutritionals company in Indonesia. Morinaga needs a website to represent their brand, message, products, campaigns, and news presented in a clean, modern, and easy-to-browse experience.


In the Morinaga Platinum website, Mom can create an account to join the Morinaga Platinum membership. Members can collect points by purchasing Morinaga products and redeem various interesting rewards.


Moreover, Moms are able to use the Health Tools/MIPP feature, developed especially to track their children’s growth and multiple intelligences. It also provides tips to boost their 8+1 multiple intelligences.


In the beginning of the project, RGB was entrusted by Kalbe to make a website for their company profile. It consists of product information and articles about health consultations and Morinaga products. Then, the website is expanded further to have similar features as Kalcare Rewards. RGB team developed and maintained user accounts, memberships, and the points system for rewards redemption.



Afterwards, RGB team developed a new feature called MIPP. Now users can also store their children’s data to monitor their growth, particularly their multiple intelligences. After the success of MIPP, we’ve also been trusted to handle the website’s SEO.


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