Astra Digital

Youthful and Modern Website for Astra Digital

Administratively, Astra Digital is one of Astra International’s subsidiaries. Yet in terms of branding, Astra Digital wants to differentiate themselves with a showcase of flexibility, youth spirit, and a start-up company “feel” — which is not too formal and puts forward the essence of collaboration and iteration.


Using the aforementioned direction, our team must focus on highlighting the website with stunning visuals and high-end animations. The website itself consists of information about Astra Digital, The Team (Management), and Contact us page. Moreover, users can also submit their ideas, inputs, or proposals about interesting digital concepts through the website.


As a part of collaboration, the work was divided into two teams, the design team and development team. The design was handled by Astra Digital’s team, while we contribute ourselves as the development team. We regularly did iterations to find a fitting visual concept, and ensure the designs that were already made were able to be implemented according to standards of a good website. We can say the highlights between our teams were communication, collaboration, and iteration.



Finally, the client was very satisfied with the results so they decided to keep working with us and discussed other exciting opportunities to come.

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