User Friendly Site for Kalbe's Nutrive

As people might already know, Nutrive is Kalbe’s beverage product that contains healthy ingredients which is a combination of both milk and fruit juice. With the intention of improving Nutrive’s website experience, Kalbe discussed with us on how we can improve the site as user friendly as possible, so they can introduce Nutrive’s products Benecol and Fibershot and its benefits to their consumers.





In this website, users can view the options of where to buy the products without having to go to the offline store. Moreover, users can also check their fiber needs and their risk of having coronary heart disease periodically by accessing the feature’s pages. Furthermore, Kalbe wants to give their consumers a chance to share their testimonies in regards to Nutrive’s products and give a little story on their purchasing experience for both Nutrive Benecol and Nutrive Fibershot. We developed this website to be SEO friendly as well, which was very helpful for their digital marketing teams. 


Finally, we developed the website as per their expectation which is very user friendly and easy to access via desktop or mobile phone. Users are able to gain information about cholesterol and cardiovascular health through the provided articles and recipes.



The development process went smoothly. Our teams were able to communicate well with Kalbe’s teams, and we nailed the project delivery timeline with just a few feedbacks from them.  Our team managed to tackle this challenge efficiently and certainly, our client was very satisfied with the result.

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