Treasury - Interactive Wall

Created an Interactive Wall Installation for Treasury That Makes The Story Come Alive

Ever wondered how a simple wall could become a gateway to an incredible journey through time? Enter the world of Rolling Glory, where we turn storytelling into an interactive experience!


What Makes It Special?

It's a glimpse into history, showcasing how Treasury influences the future of gold. Rolling Glory didn't just build a wall; we crafted an immersive experience.

This wall isn't ordinary—it responds when you touch it. Imagine touching a wall and watching animations, images, and hearing sounds come to life. It's like stepping into a storybook. People at events loved interacting with it, making the whole place buzz with excitement.


What's on the Treasury's interactive wall?

To create engaging interactive wall, we tailored them to suit our clients' preferences. We designed a special layout that will be projected, utilizing interactive mapping to narrate the story Treasury aimed to share with visitors.

What does the 'Shaping the Future with Treasury' wall look like?

The First Gold Coin

The journey began with a discussion about the very first gold coins made by King Croesus from Lydia. These coins weren't just money; they were also used for politics. To show this, we used a Roman background, like the Colosseum, to illustrate where it all started.

Gold, Glory & Gospel Gold

Held immense importance in the Roman Empire and played a significant role in their conquests, such as Britain. Explorers, like Christopher Columbus, also heavily relied on gold. We created an animation of a ship traveling to Indonesia on a map, followed by a ship sailing with the sound of waves to depict this.

Weaving Gold into Culture

Expanding on the previous story, gold was highly significant for ceremonies, especially in garments like the Songket that showcased the greatness of Nusantara. We displayed three dancers in traditional attire against a beautiful backdrop. In the same setting, there was a woman weaving fabric, all accompanied by enchanting gamelan music.

The Future Starts Here

We highlighted Treasury as a secure platform for gold investment, approved by BAPPEBTI. Through animations, we demonstrated how easy it is to use the Treasury app—buying coins, checking prices, choosing payment methods, and accessing special deals.


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Behind the Scenes: Making the Magic Happen

Crafting this interactive wall feels like solving a complex puzzle. Each element needs its own space to shine without overshadowing the others.

The real challenge lies in finding the perfect balance where all the interactions seamlessly blend. It involves ensuring that every animation and sound harmonize without conflicts, creating an engaging experience for everyone who interacts with it.

Despite our team members being in different cities, we excelled in delivering results. Challenges like these motivate us to strive harder to satisfy our clients.


How we tackled it?

We experimented by directly trying it out on the wall, checking if the images were fitting correctly and if the sensors responded well to touch interactions. This involved testing whether the visuals aligned properly upon display and ensuring the sensors functioned effectively when interacted with.

To enhance our collaborative work, we held regular meetings and ensured consistent updates. Our primary objective was to offer a transparent view of our progress, meet expectations, and uphold consistency in our output.

The lasting impression it created
The collaboration between Treasury and Rolling Glory in creating this interactive wall has generated a unique experience, attracting a significant number of visitors during the 3-day Art Jakarta event.

Hundreds of attendees interacted with this interactive wall, following its narrative while witnessing animations that appeared upon touch. Everyone had fun because both adults and kids could play this interactive activity.

It's our pleasure to have created all animations and content that originated directly from the creative minds at Rolling Glory. That level of innovation and creativity must have added an extra layer of magic to this project!


Craft Your Story, Make it an Experience

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