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Unlock the Secrets of Boosting User Engagement with Gamification

In the fast-paced world of mobile apps, keeping users engaged is a challenge. Treasury, a brand gaining attention, has a plan to make its app more exciting and interactive. They're attracting more users and boosting activity by adding fun game elements.


Enhancing User Engagement with Gamification

User engagement in mobile apps is a common challenge. Treasury is vibing with the challenge of winning user loyalty for the app. They're brainstorming ways to hook users in for extended hangouts on the app, encouraging longer sessions and keeping them coming back for more

Rolling Glory played an important role in addressing this issue. We collaborated with Treasury to create an environment that encourages user engagement and provides incentives for users to stay involved.


Uncover the Secret to Elevating Engagement

Rolling Glory steps in, fully prepared to address the user engagement challenge head-on with Treasury. Here's the scoop on our approach:

  • Building Trust and Awareness: We're working closely with clients to educate them on how gamification can be a game-changer, enhancing user retention and daily active users within the Treasury app.
  • Seamlessly Integrating Fun: We're crafting a concept that seamlessly integrates into the existing app while staying true to the client's established brand image.

Rolling Glory has developed a comprehensive strategy to address Treasury's user engagement concerns. Here's a glimpse of how we've tailored it for Treasury:

  1. Missions Unleashed
    Embarking on thrilling tasks to earn rewards and level up on a user-friendly journey.
  2. Daily Engagement and Transactions
    Staying seamlessly connected with finances through effortless daily logins and transaction tracking.
  3. Mini Game Adventures
    Immersing in interactive challenges and missions, transforming the app into a delightful playground.
  4. Rewarding Achievements
    Unlocking exciting prizes as progress is made, maintaining motivation with ease.
  5. Bring Friends, Earn More
    Inviting friends on board to enhance the experience with extra benefits.
  6. Level Up and Compete
    Climbing the levels, comparing progress on leaderboards, and aiming for greater rewards in the leveling program.

Furthermore, we've skillfully designed a concept that seamlessly incorporates gamification features, ensuring information is easy to understand. Additionally, we've merged gamification elements into our UI design to create an immersive user interface. Take a Closer Look at captivating visuals and see how the design enhances user engagement on Treasury Gamification (Case Study).


Unlocking Impressive Results
Seeing these positive results, Treasury experienced a remarkable 25% increase in app opens in just one month, along with a 24% boost in daily active users. 

The gamification strategy also led to a significant 37% increase in users actively engaging with the app for transactions, highlighting the power of user engagement in addressing financial needs.



Treasury's plan to make users more interested in their app is a good example for the mobile app world. As the app grows, users can expect even more fun experiences. Treasury's journey can be an inspiration for app makers in the competitive app world. They're solving the problem of user engagement and making a big impact. Rolling Glory is happy to be part of their journey.

Discover the Excitement of Gamification in the Treasury App!