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Erha Buddy

From Clinic Visits to Mobile Solutions:  How the Erha Buddy App Streamlined Dermatology Care

The Challenge: Streamlining Healthcare Access

ERHA recognized the need to bridge the gap between busy schedules and essential skincare consultations. Traditionally, booking appointments and obtaining products required time-consuming visits to the clinic. Our goal was to create a seamless, mobile solution that simplified access to dermatological care.


Our Approach: Prioritizing User Convenience

We understood the importance of convenience and accessibility. We designed the Erha Buddy app to empower users to:

  • Book appointments effortlessly: 24/7 scheduling eliminates the hassle of waiting on hold or visiting the clinic during operating hours.
  • Embrace teleconsultations: Virtual consultations with ERHA dermatologists provide expert advice even for those with limited mobility or a tightly packed schedule.
  • Shop with ease: Browse and purchase the entire ERHA product line, both prescription and over-the-counter, directly within the app.

Overcoming Roadblocks: Collaboration is Key

While development progressed smoothly, challenges arose with incomplete documentation and occasional design revisions. We fostered open communication through Q&A sheets, ensuring clarity and minimizing the need for time-consuming meetings. This collaborative approach ensured a smooth delivery that met ERHA's expectations.

Collaboration for a Better User Experience

We're proud to have delivered the Erha Buddy app, a user-friendly solution that empowers seamless access to dermatological care. This project exemplifies the power of collaboration and reflects Rolling Glory's dedication to building innovative solutions that elevate user experiences.

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