Klik Dokter

New Logo For Klikdokter

Klikdokter is an integrated digital health service solution that allows users to quickly and easily maintain their health and take advantage of opportunities to prevent illness. Through a combination of personalized medicine, remote monitoring, and the latest technology. With Klikdokter, you have your own personal doctor right in the palm of your hand.

Klikdokter has embarked on a journey of transformation. The transformation is not only limited to updating its services, but also its overall look. One of them is by creating a new Logo that is more in line with the spirit and mission of Klikdokter. Which also relates to their target audience.


When Klikdokter decided to have a new identity, Rolling Glory knew that we needed to create something that captured their company's vision and mission. We started a visual exploration by creating a stylescape and keywords which were presented to the Klikdokter team. 


KlikDokter's newest philosophy logo is a symbol of loyalty to the beating heart that is represented in human life. Starting from the initial line of a beat that goes to form a heart, always present faithfully with empathy.

Each of these visual elements has a message that strengthens the core value of KlikDokter as a trusted healthcare application that truly understands user needs.