Hakuhodo Jakarta

Elegant and Fluid Design For Hakuhodo Jakarta

Hakuhodo Jakarta is one of the top creative agencies in Indonesia. They have the  experience in handling various well known  companies, not only national clients but also international ones . Their experience in handling clients, brings them several awards. With lots of clients served and several awards that have been achieved, the need arose to show their digital present, one of them is a website, which therefore they want to revamp it in an elegant and attractive way.


On this occasion, we help Hakuhodo Jakarta to build a website for their company profile. Surely, with elegant and fluid design as desired.


We started the project by hearing every need and finding out about a solution for the best result. We set a lot of time to hear their needs and have a discussion. The goal is that we can provide a solution for the best result for them.

We fulfill their desire in creating an elegant and attractive website. We propose the visualization and distinctive design like circle ornament to show the elegant side. Furthermore, we’re adding fluid animation and interactivity which makes this website look more attractive. 


Finally, their company profile is available now on and as a desire with credentials, portfolio, and achievement contained. We provide a good experience in accessing an elegant and attractive website.


What Hakuhodo Jakarta Said?

Hakuhodo Jakarta felt satisfied with the result. The website that we have created can represent the company in the digital world. Which also, represent the quality of Hakuhodo Jakarta towards to their client.