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Moduit Beyond

How Moduit Transformed User Experience with Rolling Glory's Expertise

Ever wondered how Moduit turned the tide in user experience? Let's take a deep dive into the world of UX research and explore how Rolling Glory's expertise revamped Moduit's investment platform.

Since 2021, our team has collaborated to strengthen Moduit’s digital touchpoints, including website and application improvements. Currently, we are collaborating again to further develop Moduit Beyond.


Unveiling User Confusion
Imagine a world where people are unsure where to put their money when they're just starting out. Moduit found itself in this situation and knew it needed to do something about it. This is where Moduit Beyond comes in - a special app for high net worth individuals.

What helped them a lot? Using research to figure out what these new investors really wanted. This research empowered them to make informed decisions that resonated with people like never before.


Crafting a Seamless Experience

We aimed to help Moduit identify the needs of this new target user and created a suitable design solution based on findings and insight we obtain during UX research.

We started the project by conducting competitor analysis to understand Moduit's position compared to other investment platforms in the market. Our objective was to uncover their strengths and weaknesses, while also assessing how their distinct features compare to those offered by other platforms.

We considered essential elements like the flexibility of investment choices and objectives, the ability to compare investment products, an investment rebalancing feature, user-friendliness for beginners, and easy access to your portfolio.


What We Improved

After doing lots of research and checking out the competition, we identified key areas for improvement:

  • Comprehensive sorting
    Users require more options to sort their portfolio by time, performance, and value.
  • Maturity date & performance analysis, 
    Bonds offer unique attributes like maturity dates, not found in other investments.
  • Portfolio & Transaction history, 
    Streamlining transaction history and portfolio data for better clarity.
  • Improved status & performance access, 
    Enhancing usability for checking status and accessing performance data.
  • Getting Helpful Updates, 
    Revamping the notification system for clearer user insights.
  • User-friendly help/info feature, 
    Simplifying in-context information to aid users in understanding new investment products.


The Moduit Beyond app has been meticulously designed to offer a seamless experience on mobile devices, ensuring that users can access their investments anytime, anywhere.

As you reflect on Moduit's inspiring journey, consider the possibilities that await your business. The power of research and the expert guidance of Rolling Glory can help you enhance your user experiences and pave the way for your own success story.

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