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The Eiger Revolution: Elevating Your Offline-Online Shopping Experience

Imagine a world where shopping seamlessly bridges the gap between offline and online experiences. That's exactly what Rolling Glory achieved when it addressed the unique challenge faced by Eiger. We'll walk you through how Rolling Glory used a problem-solving approach to provide Eigerians with a better way to shop.


Overcoming the Eiger Challenge
Eigerians (valued customers of Eiger) , just like you, often encountered a confusing problem while shopping on the platform. With a variety of product choices, making an informed decision was like trying to find specific items in a wide selection. This common issue left many feeling overwhelmed and uncertain.

Picture yourself as an Eigerian, excited about the prospect of shopping for your favorite products. You enter a physical store or browse online, only to be met with uncertainty. Is this product the right fit? How does it compare to other options? Will it truly meet your specific needs? The frustration is undeniable.

Rolling Glory stepped in to address this issue head-on, creating a bridge that connects offline and online shopping experiences.



Simplifying Your Shopping Experience

Here's how we did it:

  • Find Products with Ease : Simplify Your Search by finding what you need. Just enter the product name, and our app will show you the available options in a snap
  • Know Stock Availability Instantly : Wondering if a product is in stock? Eiger Adventure app connects to a central stock system, providing real-time updates. You can even locate nearby stores that have the item you want.
  • Seamless Loyalty Program Integration : We've integrated the "Eiger Adventure Club" loyalty program. When Eigerians shop at Eiger Adventure App they earn loyalty points as a reward for their purchases.



Eiger's Enhanced Shopping Experience
Rolling Glory proudly introduces its latest technological innovation, created with the primary purpose of enhancing your shopping experience when you choose Eiger.

  • For In-Store Shoppers: Scan and Explore
    When you're shopping in our physical stores, simply scan a product's barcode to access detailed information instantly. Make informed choices with ease.
  • For Online Shoppers: Enjoy Offline Perks
    If you prefer online shopping, we've got you covered too!
    - Check Product Availability
      See if the product you want is in stock at your nearest physical store. No more guessing; you'll know right
    - Reserve Your Favorites
      Reserve the products you love online, ensuring they're ready and waiting for you in-store.


Eiger's online-to-offline feature seamlessly combines the convenience of online shopping with the immersive atmosphere of in-store experiences.


What Our Client says?

Our clients' contentment is truly meaningful to us. They've referred to us as their preferred technical partner. This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to ensuring your satisfaction with exceptional experiences.


Your Journey Starts Here

Rolling Glory isn't just a solution; it's a success story. Our journey from identifying a problem to creating a groundbreaking solution showcases our commitment to innovation and client satisfaction.

If you're a business seeking a partner to turn challenges into success stories, look no further. Rolling Glory is here to simplify complex problems, and our portfolio speaks for itself. Your path to success can begin with us – reach out to Rolling Glory today, and let's create something remarkable together.


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