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PPM Interactive Module

Interactive Learning Modules for PPM Management


PPM Quiz and PPM Simulation is an interactive platform that we created for our client, PPM Management - a company that specializes in the education field, more specifically in Management. The purpose is to help users or clients to get information about the offered modules. PPM Management expressed their concern on difficulties in explaining their material; so they wanted to have an interactive platform to make it easier to learn during the pandemic.


We tried to conduct an in-depth research on some cases and materials provided. After several considerations we suggested converting some learning processes into interactive games, as we believed that interactive games will improve user learning curves. We then created interactive games based on research results, while of course highlighting the visuals, features, and experience.



There were 2 project outputs, firstly it is PPM Simulation, an interactive game that uses simple mechanics called point-and-click. It simulates a problem and gives users a few options to solve it. PPM Simulation will be presented before discussing the materials as a way to set context and provide reference.


Secondly, PPM Quiz, an interactive game that’s presented as multiple choice questions. We used the Indonesian Independence Day theme as requested to infuse Indonesian culture and the sense of competition into it. We adjusted the system as well so that users’ data can be used properly by the PPM team.


Now, the interactive games have been used by the PPM team as a USP (unique selling point) when presenting to probable clients. They were very satisfied with the results. This partnership has been going well with improvements on the existing systems, and there are a lot of discussions going on about creating new systems for other management topics.

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