RGB Bootcamp

About us

RGB is currently designing a program for the purpose of accelerating ready-to-work sources in the IT industry. Through this program, RGB hopes to produce standardized quality developers who are capable of working in the industry. We pride ourselves on setting up our program success and are sure that you will leave our sessions more prepared than you have ever been before to be working as backend developer.

Bootcamp Sessions

Your bootcamp will be conducted by one expert mentor over three phases of total sessions that will last approximately three months. Bootcamp sessions will be comprised of both activities and mentorship that will touch upon the following subjects:

  • Fundamental Web Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Tech Project Management

Bootcamp Requirements

  1. Max. 26 years old.
  2. Know how to use RDBMS and SQL
  3. Have a basic programming knowledge of JavaScript
  4. Have the experience of building applications
  5. Have a passion in programming
  6. Enjoy new experiences and challenges
  7. Able to work with the team
  8. Have a laptop and good internet connection


1 July - 20 July 2022Due dates applying for the program
21 - 27 July 2022Online Placement Test
8 August 2022 Start The Program for all passed candidates


All candidates who are interested in the program can apply by sending the CV to:

  • meina@rollingglory.com
  • inggritt@rollingglory.com

Using the subject: RGB Bootcamp 2022